Firehouse Spirits Have Unfinished Business

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Have you seen a fireman dressed in full gear standing looking out of the front glass door when passing the now closed Lee Park Fire Station on Lee Park Avenue? Well, you might have seen a ghost.

And you're not alone; at least five other people have seen the ghostly white presence.

Hearing this piqued Mike's interest. He's heard stories for years that two of the township's fire houses are haunted.

Mike and the other team members declined to release their last names because they feared people would try to call or come to their homes in the middle of the night.

Mike, who hunts ghosts in his spare time, thought this would be the perfect investigation for his team, the Luzerne County Ghost Hunters. He co-founded the organization with his mother, Marie, in December 2007.

There are no fire department personnel working at the station since its doors closed last spring as part of a fire department consolidation plan. The fire trucks once stored at the station, built in 1914, have been moved to the township's other stations.

Luzerne County Ghost Hunters received permission from the Hanover Township Commissioners during a March board meeting after requesting to conduct intensive investigations of the Lee Park and Hanover Green fire stations. The investigations are being conducted at no-cost and no liability to the township.

Township Supervisor Jeff Lewis said he's never experienced any paranormal activity at either station, but knows some fire department members have experienced things they can't explain. All the township supervisors approved the request.

Armed with night-vision cameras, high-end audio recorders and continuously running video cameras, Mike and his seven associates arrived at Hanover Green Fire Station on Center Street about an hour before sunset on March 24 to set up their equipment. Team members spent the next five hours inspecting every nook and cranny looking for apparitions or other unexplained activities.

They weren't disappointed.

After reviewing 1,400 photos and several hours of audio and video recordings, team members said they discovered the equipment recorded two figures - a man and woman - looking into a window on the station's second floor and five audio recordings where an apparent ghost speaks responding to questions and comments from team members, according to results posted on the group's Web site.

"We did find some evidence, but it is not the most haunted place. If it's haunted, it is very docile and timid. It's nothing that anybody has to be worried about if they work there," Mike said.

The Hanover Green station is still active with firefighters and emergency response personnel working inside the building.

Marie is the "sensitive" member of the group, with the ability, she says, to sense when ghosts are present without any electronic devices. She wants to return to the Hanover Green station to communicate more with the two spirits - a woman and a man - possibly a firefighter.

The male spirit provided her with a name of Ray, she says, but the team is now trying to conduct more research to determine who this spirit might have been. Possibly a firefighter who in death feels attached to the building?

Some ghosts remain attached to a building or a site because of "unfinished business or being afraid to pass over ... afraid of what God's judgment would be," said Marie, adding that it's unknown how long these ghosts have called the station home.

Spiritual presences can be around for years or decades wandering the Earth until they find someone they can communicate with, Marie said.

She noted that other investigations the team has conducted at the Huber Breaker in Ashley and the Hanover Green Cemetery are much more haunted with some ghosts being fairly mean and negative.

"As you are in life, that is how you are in death. When you are rotten in life, you are rotten in death. So people really should try to change," she advised.

The team conducted an investigation at the Lee Park Fire Station on Lee Park Avenue in mid April. On their Web site they posted photos of unexplained events that occurred during their investigation.

They are eager to see what paranormal activity might be occurring at Lee Park station, which once housed the township's municipal building, police department, township jail and fire department decades ago.

"There is a lot of history, so we are looking forward to that one," Mike said.

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