Turkish Singer Claims Aliens Gave Her Cure For Cancer...Then Took It Back

http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/english/domest  ic/11628163.asp?scr=1


UFOs took her on a trip around the world and gave her the cure for cancer, only to take it back, singer Reyhan Karaca told daily Bugün over the weekend. She said she had first met the aliens a week before the devastating 1999 Marmara earthquake, when they kidnapped her from her bedroom.

She said aliens took her around 4:30 a.m. "A tall man wearing black clothes arrived. He was bald and had a big nose. He took me toward the window and showed me his spaceship. Suddenly I was transported onto the ship. I later learned that I wasn't transported, but they had transformed my bedroom into a spaceship. There were five or six aliens that looked the same," she said. She said she had asked them for a cure for cancer, which they immediately handed over. But soon afterwards, they said the human race was not ready for it and took it back. They then took her on a trip around the world that lasted only a few seconds. "They then asked me to sleep and told me there would come a time when I would remember everything that happened," she said. She said her brother had cancer and that she had lost her father from the same disease.

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