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Nosferatu est Real

UnSpun 127 -- Caleb Thomas: "Vampires Are Real"
Reality-altering information.

Elizabeth Bathory. Vlad Dracul, Impaler. Sabbatai Zevi. Circumcision. Mescaline / Adrenaline. Adrenachrome. Blood-letting. Blood libel. Young blood. Blood drives. Life-blood. Vampirism. Religiousity. Calvinism. Puritans / Jewish Purim. Paganism. Blood rituals / sacrifices. Anatoly Fomenko (mathematical analysis of literary works as means to determine date-based validity). Scripture. Inversion. Historical revision. Cults: Baccanalian, Saturnalian, Dionysian, Mithraic (bull worship / Moloch). Jesus Christ.

"Sandra Bullock and Ellen Degenerate talk about circumcision skin of babies penises on their face as facial cream."

Salem Witch Trials outed as Hoax

The only 'witches' killed in Salem were those who steadfastly denied being witches.

Malleus Maleficarum Dolus -- Salem Witch Trials were wholly conjured by Harvard University and The Royal Society to distract from human medical experimentation, torture, Native American genocide -- Bombshell revelations from primary documents dispell the fabrication.

"...Christians are officially exonerated from the Salem Witch Trials... Yes, it's true, the 'witches' really existed: They were the Puritans who worked for Harvard University and the Royal Society and sold you their lie for over 300 years... One of the greatest magic spells that has ever been committed ... and cast against the Christians by the Royal Society, Harvard faculty, and the Puritans 326 years ago is now broken." Jan Irvin, February, 2018

7 Apr 2019 Update on Holly Seeliger's Upcoming Witch Trials Book and how it intertwines with the past and modern day.

Eyeballing "Demons"

Thomas Sheridan - Demons Decoded

Military, 'Intel' & The Occult

"You can't separate 'the Occult' from Intelligence Agencies because the word means the same thing." -- 43:30 into Steve Outtrim - Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burners


Another example of Their ongoing Method -- "EM Waves" by Prof Matt Anderson -- Psyence, Scientism, Reverse Writing, Scrying, Spell-casting -- Deep Theory, carefully contrived, to deceive, enslave

"Study of electricity and physics was confounded by Jesuit influences. Michelson / Morley had direct Navy involvement in one family, direct Jesuit involvement in another -- here again, as always, are the two greatest cults intertwined, vying in control of understanding and future. Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Brahe were all also directly controlled by Vatican. One ostensible purpose was to control all "sides" in the "debate" ("globe" earth is a theory, still) and thereby undermine Protestant scripture and lure people back to Pope as sole path to God. Science IS scientism, AKA psyence dogma. zEinstein was artificially hyped, as was Curie, to move away from aetheric understanding of electricity and radiation. See the research of C JON BJERKNES for proof. UNSPUN youtubes on "Scaligerian" history, per ANATOLY FOMENKO, shows direct Jesuit involvement in the creation of what appears to be up to 1,000 faked Dark Age years and much more. UNSPUN youtubes also reveal the suspicious fraud that is the Royal Society and its "peer review" (i.e., the bully-squelching of truly fresh, dangerous-to-Them ideas). The Jesuits' carefully, broadly and deeply crafted interlocking deceptions are being dismantled and dispelled by open and curious minds, with sweeping if not invertive ramifications. BALLS OUT PHYSICS youtubes (episode #4) reveal the total fabrication that is "gravity". ERIC DOLLARD youtubes give far more sensible and truer information about electricity and electronics than this blathering nonsense video. Wakey wakey."

"Hilariously, in the exemplar video, Prof Matt Anderson, is "writing backwards" and on a 'black' glass screen: Luciferian techniques of reverse writing, spell casting, scrying. Of course the video was flipped horizontally in post-production, but it is still true that, from his (unnaturally horizontally-flipped) perspective, as seen from the viewers' end-result, he is "writing backwards", scrying, spell-casting, presumably to snare, enthrall, dupe, program, and mind-control unwary, uncritical viewers. ...and, of course, he also appears to be writing with his left hand, literally scrying from a left-hand path... ...or maybe it's all just more total coincidunce, heaped upon the festering heap..."


Steve McMurray: "MKULTRA Australia: Mind Control Down Under (Gnostic Media #251)

Astonishing connections. Totally coincidental, of course... wink wink.